Monday, October 19, 2020

Lil' Flip & Mr. Capone-E- Still Connected [2007]

1.–Lil' Flip & Mr. Capone-E Still Connected 3:05
2–Lil' Flip & Mr. Capone-E Get My Work From The Ese's 5:10
3.–Mr. Capone-E They Got Me Trapped 4:16
4.–Lil' Flip All Our Enemies Ducks Us 4:23
5.–Lil' Flip & Mr. Capone-E I'm A Banger 4:09
6.–No Artist Real Talk 2:11
7.–Lil' Flip & Mr. Capone-E Would You 4:20
8.–Mr. Capone-E Players Need No Love 3:39
9.–Lil' Flip Vato's Got My Back 4:15
10.–Lil' Flip & Mr. Capone-E Still In My Drop Top 4:20
11.–Lil' Flip If You Don't Know Me Back Then 2:58
12.–Lil' Flip Play A Street Banger 0:20
13.–Mr. Capone-E Throw Your H Up 4:57
14.–Lil' Flip Young Fly & Flashy 3:21
15.–Lil' Flip & Mr. Capone-E Wanna Roll With Us 4:21
16.–Mr. Capone-E Times In The Hood 3:33
17.–No Artist Hi Power Music 2008 5:10

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